Soil Health Webinar Now Available to View


OFRF, in collaboration with the CCOF Foundation, is pleased to announce the availability of a recorded webinar that focuses on information from Soil Health and Organic Farming, a series of educational guides recently published by OFRF. In the webinar, authors Joanna Ory and Mark Schonbeck review the most recent research on different practices—such as cover cropping, tillage strategies, and the use of soil amendments—to explore how organic growers can build healthy soils on their operations. This webinar provides practical guidelines for growers, as well as more in-depth analysis of research.

The live webinar was attended by 192 people, mostly US based organic farmers. Webinar participants asked many excellent questions which made it clear that the topic of soil health and organic farming is a key interest area among organic farmers. One farmer participant stated that the webinar “information was clear and very applicable to crop quality and soil health management.”

Please view the recording here:

The guides are available to download free of charge.