The Organic Caucus

The House Organic Caucus is a bipartisan group of representatives that supports organic farmers, ranchers, and consumers by informing members of Congress about organic agriculture policy and opportunities to advance the sector. By joining the Caucus, representatives play a pivotal role in rural development while voicing their community’s desires to advance organic agriculture in their district and across the country.

The Caucus provides pertinent information to members and their staffs about organic farming methods and certification, the USDA's organic programs, and major issues facing the organic industry. Representatives explore ways to advance organic agriculture in their districts and across the country.

Why should House members join the Organic Caucus?

  • Growing consumer demand for organic offers a lucrative market for small, medium, and large scale farms.
  • Organic agriculture provides new opportunities in rural communities.
  • Organic agriculture is advancing resource conservation and restoring health to our soil and waterways.

Urge your representative to join!

History of the Organic Caucus

It was a milestone for organic agriculture when the first House Organic Caucus was formed in 2003. OFRF advocated for the formation of the caucus, participated in caucus briefings and supported their activities. The Organic Caucus served to educate representatives about organic farm policy and ways to advance the organic sector.

But, as membership changes occurred in Congress over time, by 2010, the Organic Caucus had not been active in a while. Following a number of years of inactivity, the Organic Caucus was revived in April 2011. 

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