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Resource Database

Title Funding Category Categories Funding Date Final Report City Province
On-farm analysis of soils, crop performance and profitability of organic, integrated and conventional apple production systems Research Apples, West, Systems Studies November 1994 Final Report Pullman Washington
Plant mobilization of trace organochlorine residues in vegetable cropping systems Research Vegetables, West, Insect Management, Systems Studies November 1994 Final Report Philomath Oregon
Biological control of plant pathogens in raspberries using beneficial microorganisms, compost teas and nutritional management Research Fruit, West, Disease Management April 1994 Colfax California
Habitat manipulation to improve biological control in apple orchards Research Apples April 1994 Final Report Madison Wisconsin
Monitoring the ability of compost to provide sufficient nitrogen to a bell pepper crop under drip irrigation Research Other, West, Fertility Management April 1994 Final Report Hollister California
Controlling weeds in organic crops through the use of flame weeders Research Other, South, Vegetables, Weed Management March 1994 Final Report Plymouth North Carolina
Organic apple production in Washington State: A 1994 survey of growers Research Apples, West, Systems Studies November 1993 Final Report Wenatchee Washington
Using living straw mulch to suppress Colorado potato beetle on potatoes Research NorthEast, Other, Small grain, Insect Management April 1993 Final Report Litchfield New Hampshire
Monitoring the activity of cabbage, seed corn and onion maggots on an organic farm Research Vegetables, West, Insect Management March 1993 Final Report Hollister California
Weed control with green manure and cover crops Research Cucumber, West, Weed Management January 1993 Final Report Mt.Vernon Washington
Peach Brown Rot Control Research Fruit, West, Disease Management November 1992 Final Report Oroville California