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The 2012 Farm Bill: Three reasons It's More Complicated This Time Around

1. It's an election year.  Yes, 2008 was an election year, too, but both the House and Senate had already passed their versions of the bill by the end of 2007, giving Congress a great deal more time to reconcile their differences before the election.  Even with a presidential veto, there was still time to get it passed.  This time around, the election is less than seven months away, and neither the House nor the Senate have even drafted their own versions of a bill.  There may still be time to wrap things up, but only if Congress can move at warp speed between now and Election Day. 

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Flyin' with Farmers!

Press Release: Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) taps Faith Grant as National Policy Advocate

OFRF Delivers Another Powerful Voice for Organic Farmers in Washington DC

For Immediate Release    

Contact Info:
Denise Ryan
External Relations Director
(831) 426-6606

Santa Cruz, CA  (April 25, 2012) At one of the most pivotal moments for American agriculture, the revision of the farm bill, OFRF announces the addition of Faith Grant as their National Policy Advocate located in Washington D.C. Faith is responsible for shepherding OFRF’s policy programs that increase public funding for research and education for organic farmers, gain wider adoption of organic agriculture in the U.S., and educate policy makers on the crucial role of organic agriculture in America.