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"What’s for dinner?"

I look over our table and am constantly amazed at the people behind the healthy food we eat.

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When 100% Organic Beer Means Organic

It seems a no-brainer: organic beer is made with organic hops, right? 

Not necessarily. In 2007, conventional beer makers who wanted to jump on the organic bandwagon persuaded the USDA that there wasn’t enough organic hop production to meet supply.  They were granted an exemption from using organic hops.

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How 'Bout We Give Farmers 'Recess'?

While it's sleepy on the Hill, there is always action within your district.  Farmers markets are hoppin'.  Kids are getting ready to go back to school.

There are only eight days on the legislative calendar before Congress breaks again for a big campaign push.  On recess, your Senators and Representatives are making the rounds in their home states and districts.  Many of them are getting an earful about the drought and it's impact on farmers and farmland across the country.  So far, Congress has failed to provide farmers with any relief.  It being campaign season, no one wants to take “tough votes” on the Farm Bill or even a short-term disaster measure that would make a difference.

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They're Listening... REALLY!

With Congress in your districts on recess during August and some of September, it's the perfect time for you to meet with your Representative and staff.  We've been telling our Representative how important organic agriculture is for our region, economy and families for the past several days.

Local organic engagement is most important NOW.  Your words carry tremendous impact with legislators, especially leading up to a big election. Farmers and advocates  are rocking organic across the country. In New York State, organic farmers held an event with Congressman Chris Gibson to talk about the farm bill and celebrate organic agriculture. 

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Surviving the Drought with Organic Practices

Despite the drought that has been withering his neighbors' fields, organic farmer Klaas Martens, is anticipating a year of good crop yields and way above average crop income.

The reason?

Klaas isn't locked into the typical corn/soybean rotations that his neighbors are. The diversity of crops that he grows allows him to be more flexible in dealing with what the weather hands him. Because spring came early and hot this year, Klaas was able to harvest spring grains early and then plant a second crop into his fields. He chose drought and heat-tolerant forage crops like buckwheat, sorghum, and forage soybeans as his “double crops,” all of which are doing well. An added benefit is that the forages will be in great demand because the drought has reduced availability of feed grains and pasture.

Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity... INDEED!

"We are always grateful for information on America's agricultural efforts, especially when it is as complete and thoughtfully compiled as Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers the National Organic Program (NOP), and information such as you have provided will help us to refine and strengthen NOP."   - USDA Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack

Press Release: Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) Delivers First Online Destination Built for Organic Farmers

OFRF Site / Social Media Channels Provide Stage to Showcase Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity Report

For Immediate Release 

Contact Info:
Denise Ryan
External Relations Director
(831) 426-6606

Santa Cruz, CA, (August 9, 2012) Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) announced today the release of the first online destination built especially for organic farmers that provides easy access to research, policy programs and educational and community-building tools to better meet their urgent needs.  Entering its third decade serving organic farmers, OFRF proudly launches the innovative online portal with easy, interactive access to rich organic information.

The Fate of Organics

Santa Cruz nonprofit Organic Farming Research Foundation leads the charge for organics in the Farm Bill and beyond.   (Santa Cruz Good Times, 8.8.2012)

OFRF was featured in the cover story, "The Fate of Organics" in the August 8, 2012 edition of Santa Cruz Good Times. This is a great, in-depth article about our work supporting organic farmers. You can read the full article here.