The Beginning Determines the End

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According to National Young Farmers' Coalition's 'Building a Future' report, 83% of first-generation farmers surveyed are organic.

It makes sense that with growing organic consumer demand, we should be growing future organic farmers, right? 

Weirdly, the House version of the 2012 Farm Bill falls far short on support for critical beginning farmer programs.  

The House draft fails to make an adequate investment in our country’s new farmers by cutting funding...

for the only federal program that is specifically aimed at training the next generation of farmers-- the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP).  WHAT?!  We need to increase, not decrease federal support for new producers.

Here’s a great example of how this program helps train the next generation of organic farmers. Members of Congress, such as California’s Sam Farr, Minnesota’s Tim Walz and Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa are strong champions of beginning farmer programs; your Member of Congress should be too. 

Now’s the time to demand federal funding for programs that remove obstacles for the success of our future organic farmers.

For a little inspiration, check out the Greenhorns film.


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