Deadline for 2013 Conservation Stewardship Program Fast Approaching

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Thinking of enrolling your farm or ranch in USDA’s dynamic Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) which pays farmers to implement and upgrade a wide variety of conservation practices? CSP is a natural fit for organic farmers because it compensates them for many practices already required by certification including cover cropping, managed grazing, and providing habitat to conserve biodiversity.  If you think CSP could work for you, contact your local NRCS office very soon because the deadline for participating in 2013 will likely close before the end of May.  Submitting some simple paperwork before the deadline allows you more time to work with NRCS and develop your conservation plan.

Even if you haven’t previously participated in a USDA conservation program, CSP could be right for your farm.  Almost 40,000 farmers and ranchers have enrolled more than 50 million acres of working land into a CSP contract and now receive annual payments to maintain and enhance practical conservation practices.  Enrolling land in CSP can benefit your farming operation, and it can also protect the environment.  Good conservation means reducing off-farm impacts and cleaner water and air for everyone.  If you are committed to good stewardship of the land, CSP can work on your farm – but you’ll have to start the application process very soon by contacting your local NRCS office.

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