'DO NOTHING' is Doing Something VERY WRONG!

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Letting the current Farm Bill expire and then taking up the 2012 bill after the November election,  would be a very risky and very irresponsible strategy (again with my understatements!).  Surprise, surprise... this is actually being considered on the Hill.

Hmmm... let's ponder a couple questions here:

First, why would Congress even consider letting the Farm Bill expire? 

Don’t they care about the programs that support farmers?  Answer:  politics.  Many of your members of Congress are running for re-election this year, and some of them have decided there’s enough wiggle room in the law to let the Farm Bill expire.  Essentially, they’re stalling.  They’d rather not take a tough vote on the new bill right now if they can wait until after they’re done campaigning.  

Second, what are the consequences of letting the Farm Bill expire?  This is trickier to answer.  Some Farm Bill programs don’t actually expire until the end of the calendar year, and some even later, in May, 2013.  Crop insurance, food stamps, and conservation programs are among these.  But, smaller and equally vital programs could cease to exist including OREI,  ODI, NOCCSP, and BFRDP. 

There you have it; good reasons why this is a very bad idea.  I didn’t even mention the headache it would cause USDA and organic farmers who rely on these programs.  Let’s tell Congress NO! to letting the Farm Bill expire. 

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