Farm Bill A Campaign Vice

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According to the Capital Press, “As the presidential campaign enters its final month, nowhere have the two major candidates’ differences in their approach to government been more apparent than in agriculture policy.”  Whether or not you agree with that statement, it is true that agriculture policy is being used on the campaign trail to highlight our currently troubled state of affairs. Indeed, with Congress failing to pass a 2012 Farm Bill before the expiration of the 2008 five-year bill on Sept.30, a whole lot of farmers are calling for change, and candidates are listening.

Do Organic Farmers and Consumers Hold The Cards?

People are reporting that Democrats are using the stalled farm bill to hammer their opponents, whose leadership in the House has held up the 2012 Farm Bill from passage. Check out this article about how the Farm Bill is impacting close congressional races. Farmers and consumers have an excellent opportunity to tell candidates how important organic farming is to voters across America. What better way to balance an abundant day of harvest than to take action for the future of organic!

With organic programs unfunded due to the lack of a farm bill (see our analysis of the 2012 Farm Bill’s organic hits and misses here), we have a lot to tell candidates. Farmers and advocates like YOU can go to candidate forums, write letters to the editor of your local paper, and share information in your social media network.  Let tomorrow's leadership know how important organic agriculture is in this election season.  

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