Flyin' with Farmers!

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Photo of organic cattle rancher Randall Hastings with Frederick Kuykendall.OFRF led a March 2012 Farmer Fly-In to Washington, DC, organized by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, by sponsoring 4 organic farmers who were joined by over 20 other farmers on Capitol Hill on March 6th and 7th. The message carried by the farmers-- to invest in organic agriculture programs in the 2012 Farm Bill and 2013 Appropriations Bill. And, they were heard loud and clear by members of Congress.

Photo of John and Ora CarpenterJohn and Ora Carpenter who own Carpenter Farm in Moorhead, MS, came to Washington “to learn more about how the process works” and share their unique story with their members of Congress. John and Ora have benefited a great deal from some key federal programs, including beginning farmer initiatives and an Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) grant.

"We all shared a common bond. We are all family farms. We visited with our legislators and shared our stories with them. To have them listen to us speak out on the 2012 Farm Bill was rewarding."
-Mike Smith, Smith Family Farm, Fresno, CA

"Why would we give our most important resource- our children- anything other than healthy, organic food? We've all got to eat!"
-Randall Hastings, Hastings Farm, Bay Minette, AL

"By assisting our transition from a conventional farm to an organic farm, the farm bill organic transition programs have allowed our business to thrive!"
-Kris Gosney (John's Farm, Fairview OK ) speaking to Chairman of House Agriculture Committee, Representative Frank Lucas

The Organic Farmer Fly In was a huge success and inspired new congressional support of organic programs, and the advancement of organic ag policy. Photo ofDeputy Secretary of Agriculture Kathleen Merriganwith  participant at the Farmer Fly-in.

The Organic Farmers sponsored by OFRF were:
Mike Smith, Smith Family Farms of Fresno, CA
John Carpenter, The Carpenter's Farm of Moorhead, MS
Randall Hastings, Hastings Farm of Bay Minette, AL
Kris Gosney, John's Farm of Fairview, OK

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