Frankenstorm Is Still Building in DC

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The Capitol has survived Frankenstorm.  Sadly, New York City and other parts of the eastern seaboard didn’t fare as well.  Flooding, fires, fallen bridges, millions without power--it’s the kind of doomsday backdrop that you expect to see in a Halloween horror flick, not on the front pages of The New York Times.

And given the timing--just one week until the election--it’s hard not to make the comparison between Frankenstorm and the perfect political storm that’s brewing.  It really is too close to call on a couple of important fronts:  Will it be four more years of Obama-Biden, or a hard turn right with Romney-Ryan?  Will the Senate stay in the hands of the Democrats, or will a couple of close races tip the election to the Republicans, giving them complete control over the legislature?  
Whether there’s tsunami-like change at the top or not, we need to also consider Committee posts.  On the Agriculture Committees, Senator Debbie Stabenow and Representative Frank Lucas hold the keys to the fate of the Farm Bill, which could all change.  We’ll update you on how this will play out for organic farming priorities as election results come in.  In the meantime, we’re still pushing for a Farm Bill Now!  Because no matter what happens at the top of the ticket, organic farmers are still counting on Congress to fund the programs that keep organic growing in America.  


Early this week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said he’d make room in the packed Lame Duck floor schedule for a vote on the Farm Bill.  This is the most hopeful news we’ve gotten from Washington so far for Farm Bill in 2012.  Let’s hope the Majority Leader isn’t playing a scary Halloween trick on farmers and families who are counting on Congress to finish the job they started.

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