Got Science?

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photo of research farmThe Union of Concerned Scientists is using this catchy spoof to attract people’s attention to the challenges of global climate change. At the Organic Farming Research Foundation, we “got science” and use it every day when we’re talking about organic farming.

This blog will be dedicated to scientific and educational issues related to the theory and practice of organic farming. Some of the issues we’ll discuss include can organic agriculture feed the world? Is organic food more nutritious than non-organic? How does organic farming rate when it comes to global climate change? What about its impacts on water quality? Are there any food safety issues associated with consuming organic?

We’ll also present the most useful findings generated by OFRF-funded research. What is an effective way to manage thrips in organic greenhouses? Do organic dairy cows benefit from eating molasses? Is there any nutritional difference between organic and non-organic milk?

At OFRF, we think it is important to make sure that science backs up everything we say. Science is a tool we can use to guide our decision making, whether it’s how best to manage weeds or what policies merit our support.

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