Hard to believe that we aren't hurting bad enough...

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The 2008 Farm Bill expired yesterday, Sept. 30. As of today, the U.S. is operating without direction for a modern agricultural system driven by unprecedented consumer demand. With an election coming up, Congress has chosen a sketchy path of neither passing a 2012 Farm Bill, nor extending the 2008 Farm Bill. Thus far, Congress has failed to do their job... worse, they have failed American farmers and we'll be paying for it.

If Congress doesn't act to pass a 2012 Farm Bill before the new Congress takes over next year, organic programs that address rural and urban job creation, natural resource conservation, and improved production and access to fresh, organic food may disappear into thin air.

Just how bad will it hurt?

Bad. Particularly for organic farmers such as Jan Garrett of Auburn, AL who may lose the ability to sustain certification with the loss of the Organic Certification Cost Share Program. American researchers may lose funding for organic research, dealing a deeper blow to the progress we've made thus far in promoting research. Basically, every step we have fought so hard for may be dust.

By letting the bill expire without renewing programs that support organic farming, Congress jeopardizes one of the most important segments of job creation this country has experienced in decades.

Call your member of Congress today and demand that a comprehensive 2012 Farm Bill is passed before it's too late!!

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