Knowledge is Power: The Natural Farmer Shares Its Bounty

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A wealth of practical organic farming information has been gathered over the years by farmers and researchers all over the country, and is shared through a variety of methods. One storehouse of knowledge is The Natural Farmer (TNF), which is the quarterly journal of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), a 5,000-strong membership organization with chapters in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

photo of Jack KittredgeThe Natural Farmer, edited since 1988 by Jack Kittredge, a Massachusetts organic farmer, has published hundreds of useful articles since 1988, with each issue focused on specific production and marketing topics ranging from crops such as cucurbits, potatoes, and minor fruit, to explorations of climate change, internet marketing, and manure. And now, with the support of a grant from Organic Farming Research Foundation, 101 of these articles, from twelve issues, are available in a searchable archive by topic and key phrases, such as “organic potatoes,” or “forages for swine.”

While there are many articles available on organic growing, TNF’s approach produces detailed, well-illustrated features on a variety of topics, many written by farmers who are specialists in the crops, methods, or issues that are covered. We recommend that you take some time to explore this treasure-trove of organic farming information.

Visit Searchable Library of Articles on Organic Growing for more information on The Natural Farmer archiving project.

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