Let's Change the Farm Bill NOW

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The 2012 Farm Bill is currently being debated in the U.S Congress. While the Senate version of the bill, released the week of April 23rd, maintains many important programs that support organic agriculture, it is critical that we remain vigilant throughout the debate to ensure that legislators in the House hear from people around the country that we demand that they invest in an organic future for agriculture.

In the words of Will Harris, grassfed beef, pastured poultry and organic vegetable producer from southern Georgia, “This farm bill represents the single greatest opportunity since the beginning of U.S. agricultural policy to improve our food systems for the betterment of our health, economy and environment.”

We are rallying organic farmers and supporters of organic to make their voices heard in the halls of Congress. As one organic farmer from Maine put it, “How can we expect Congress to act in our interest and make changes to agriculture if we don’t tell them how we feel?”

So keep those calls and emails coming into Congressional offices. For a bill that only comes around every 5 years and directs America’s agriculture and nutrition policy, this is as important as it gets.

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