Major Bummer!

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The 2008 Farm Bill has officially expired.  Dozens of innovative programs for organic farmers that put healthy, organic food on our tables are in political limbo until Congress returns in November.  That’s a long way off for those of us who fought so hard to build the infrastructure of organic.  We can’t let the organic gains made get lost in the political shuffle after the election.  While some in Washington are saying the impact will be negligible in the near term, organic farmers and members of Congress from agricultural states and districts know better.

Federal farm programs and the security they provide are integral to the daily operations of organic family farms in America.  And on the other side of the coin, USDA needs the certainty provided by a comprehensive Farm Bill in order to administer those programs.  Whether we have a new administration, a Republican-led Senate, or a Democrat-led House, we will need a new Farm Bill that reinstates innovative farm programs--from organic agriculture research to farmers’ market promotion and beginning farmer initiatives.  Let’s keep the pressure on.  Let’s tell Congress to invest in innovation and finish the job they started by passing the 2012 Farm Bill in the lame duck session.

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