Oppose the Dirty Stinky Extension!

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Organic farmers across the country are experiencing a devastating drought.

So what is Congress doing to relieve their pain?  Adding insult to injury!

On Friday, the House of Representatives introduced an extension bill to fund short-term disaster relief.  Their idea of a fix it to cut conservation programs to the tune of $761 million.  That’s $140 million MORE than what farmers will even get in disaster aid.

AND, cutting spending on conservation increases the likelihood of future droughts. These conservation programs are designed to strengthen farmland and protect the nation’s soil from adverse weather conditions.

On top of all this, the bill ELIMINATES dozens of farm programs, including ALL of the organic programs you and OFRF have been fighting for these past few months.

Finally, it kicks a comprehensive farm bill, the nation’s largest piece of food and farm policy, to the next congress in 2013.  The Senate and House have already done the hard work of drafting a compromise farm bill that addresses the short-term and long-term needs of farmers.

Tell the House of Representatives the extension bill STINKS!  Tell them farmers want a vote on the 2012 Farm Bill BEFORE September 30, 2012!

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