Organic Farmers Stand Strong

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Well folks, it’s over. The flurry of nonstop campaign ads, tele-campaign calls and colorful glossy mailings has ceased, and it’s now time to move forward. While we’re disappointed that California voted down Proposition 37, we’re optimistic about other elements that unfolded on Tuesday. Of course, the elections meant wildly different things to different people.  The people I am most interested in hearing perspectives from are  organic farmers.  I asked  several farmers around the country what they think the results will mean for the future of organic farming. Never failing to inspire us here at OFRF, they shared:  

From Kris Gosney, of John’s Farm in Fairview, Oklahoma: “I believe organic farmers share a unique, experiential perspective on the fundamental values at stake in America. Organic farmers focus on essential and vital needs of plants and animals; organic farmers consider the fundamentals and make decisions based on these standards.  Those elected to govern our Nation could be well served by observing and appreciating the principles practiced by organic agriculturists.”

And Mark Shepard, dynamic and inspirational organic farmer and advocate from Viola Wisconsin (New Forest Farm) adds, "It's time now to rally a SURGE of people power to propel us into a new era where ALL Americans prosper."

Cissy Bowman, organic farmer advocate from Indiana, echoes that sentiment: “Regardless of the election and those to come I feel we can help one another to stand strong.”

Indeed!  We are inspired, on so many levels, this post-election to continue to fight for our organic friends.
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