Organic food on our holiday table

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There is a lot of uncertainty these days. Will we have a farm bill? Will Congress avert the fiscal crisis? What were the Mayans thinking anyway? One thing I do know is certain, as long as organic farming is the fastest growing sector in agriculture, OFRF will fill an important role in championing the needs of organic farmers. 
In that role of championing organic farmers, I applaud the vision of the OFRF farmer-driven board of directors to set aside time to assess the current and future requirements needed to build organic farming in this country. In the first quarter of 2013, OFRF will conduct in-depth interviews with farmers, researchers, donors, and industry leaders. The information gained will serve as a basis for new and innovative programs in service to organic farmers for the next five years. 
OFRF is a pioneer in the organic community. When organic farmers founded OFRF to fill the needs of the time, great strides were made. Now, over 20 years later, the landscape has changed. The changed was caused, in part, by the very groundbreaking work of OFRF. Now, it is with strength and wisdom that OFRF undertakes this critical evaluation to ensure that the new and continuing needs of farmers are supported in this new environment. 
Another thing that I am certain about is that next week I will celebrate the holidays with friends and family. I am certain that Granny’s Sweet Potato Casserole will be on our holiday table and I will make it with all organic ingredients. I know that the organic food on my table is possible, in part, by the work of OFRF. I am certain that OFRF will continue to build the infrastructure for organic farmers so that organic food will be on everyone’s holiday table.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday and new year.

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