Reaching Organic Milestones

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For most of us, Labor Day weekend marks the conclusion to summertime bliss –warm days at the beach, picnics by the lake, long hikes lasting well into warm glowing evenings.  This Labor Day marked a beginning for me. We sent our eldest son off to his freshman year of college.  An exciting milestone for our family.  (He wants to be a writer-- and now, my writer friends are insisting on an intervention.)

As he drove away in a car packed to the gills with computer, bean bag, books, recycled solo cups, and clothes, I could not help but reflect on how this scene was playing out all over the country.

It's encouraging to learn about all the young people so interested in pursuing a career in organic farming.  Certainly, many of our partners recognize this trend and are capturing the wave with marketing campaigns and products.   Driven in part by student demand, we have seen a two-fold growth in organic programs offered at land grant universities.

I believe this not only marks a new beginning for many families with college-bound offspring, it also indicates a hopeful chapter in agriculture in America. A chapter fueled with sustainable, positive energy. So, I say go forth young people and courageously grow food that is good for our people and the environment.

... And, don't forget to call your mother!


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