The Unclean Truth About an Extension - It'll just keep piling up!

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Now that Congress is back in session, everyone’s wondering what's up with the Farm Bill.  Well, things are about to get a little crazy.  Our best educated guess at the end of last week was that the House was going to whip out a short-term Farm Bill extension before they break again for recess.  This would kick the Farm Bill possibly into the next Congress.  Worst of all, it could potentially leave organic programs high and dry like the last extension bill did.  Now, however, we’re hearing rumors that Congress might just let the Farm Bill expire.  Everything remains very much up in the air.

A “clean” extension (which is anything but!), would maintain current Farm Bill funding levels  ONLY for programs with a minimum of $50 million a year.  Most organic programs don’t have this level of funding and are slated to expire.  Neither of these options is good for organic farmers or the American people.  We MUST OPPOSE any extension that leaves out funding for our hard-won organic programs such as the Organic Research and Extension Initiative, Organic Data Initiative, National Organic Certification Cost Share Program, and Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.  It’s a crying shame that we got this far with the Farm Bill, and now there’s a chance the losses to farmers will just keep piling up. 

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