This is When It Matters Most

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The 2012 Farm Bill is currently being debated in the Senate, and there’s no better time for YOU to get engaged and demand a bill that will support organic agriculture!  Organic farming stands to gain a lot from the 2012 Farm Bill, including investments in organic research, promotion, certification assistance, conservation and crop insurance.

Throughout this spring and summer, we need you, your friends, and people from all over the country and every walk of life to contact their legislators and voice their support for amendments and provisions that invest in organic farming—and your opposition to those that don’t.

We know that when legislators hear from their constituents (especially organic farmers!!)  about the importance of organic farming to the health and prosperity of their community and environment, they tend to listen. NOW is your chance to make a difference, and we will call on you throughout the next few weeks to rally your community around the call for organic in the 2012 Farm Bill!

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