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Major Bummer!

The 2008 Farm Bill has officially expired.  Dozens of innovative programs for organic farmers that put healthy, organic food on our tables are in political limbo until Congress returns in November.  That’s a long way off for those of us who fought so hard to build the infrastructure of organic.  We can’t let the organic gains made get lost in the political shuffle after the election.  While some in Washington are saying the impact will be negligible in the near term, organic farmers and members of Congress from agricultural states and districts know better.

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Hard to believe that we aren't hurting bad enough...

The 2008 Farm Bill expired yesterday, Sept. 30. As of today, the U.S. is operating without direction for a modern agricultural system driven by unprecedented consumer demand. With an election coming up, Congress has chosen a sketchy path of neither passing a 2012 Farm Bill, nor extending the 2008 Farm Bill. Thus far, Congress has failed to do their job... worse, they have failed American farmers and we'll be paying for it.

Call to Congress: Stop Stalling on Farm Bill

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Organic Phone Flash Mob Sept. 19th! 

If you haven't called yet, please call today.  Congress is waiting until after the election to do anything about the Farm Bill.  We need to urge them to get the job done before the end of the year and to sustain organic programs that are most critical to our health and prosperity.

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"Certification Cost Share is crucial..."

When I asked Abby Sadauckas, Organic Farmer and Educator at Bacon Brook Farmstead, what Organic Certification Cost Share means to her, she did not hesitate to share with me how much of an incentive it has been for her to farm organically.

Nor did Abby fail to let me know that as the Educational Programs Coordinator at MOFGA she sees first hand how this 'seals the organic deal' when beginning farmers are deciding whether they can make it as an farm start up.  "This is a time when we really need more farmers to meet organic demand.  Certification Cost Share is essential to helping us meet that demand."
Hard to argue with that.

Stand up for and other organic farmers who deliver us healthy food.  Join us in America's First Organic Phone Flash Mob!

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'DO NOTHING' is Doing Something VERY WRONG!

Letting the current Farm Bill expire and then taking up the 2012 bill after the November election,  would be a very risky and very irresponsible strategy (again with my understatements!).  Surprise, surprise... this is actually being considered on the Hill.

Hmmm... let's ponder a couple questions here:

First, why would Congress even consider letting the Farm Bill expire? 

Press Release: Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) Holds America's First ORGANIC Phone Flash Mob to Congress

Hundreds of Callers Will Compel Congress to Support Organic Farmers and Stop Stalling on the Farm Bill

For Immediate Release    

Contact Info:
Denise Ryan
External Relations Director
(831) 426-6606

Santa Cruz, CA (September 17, 2012) On September 19, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. EST, hundreds of organic industry leaders and consumers will be led by OFRF's Executive Director, Maureen Wilmot, in the first American Organic Phone Flash Mob to Congress. Leaders and supporters of organic farming will gather in Baltimore, MD at The Organic Summit, where Maureen will present The Organic Political System: How Organic Farmers' Voices are Best Heard in the American Political Conversation.

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"One Ringy Dingy..."

Well, we couldn't find an image of an American phone flash mob because WE'RE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO DO IT!  The Organic Trade Association is holding their annual Organic Summit next week on Wednesday 9/19/12 and I will be leading the audience and YOU on the First American Phone Flash Mob to Congress on behalf of organic farmers.

Farm Bill Now Rally on the Capitol Lawn

Please call your Member of Congress NOW and demand continued funding for organic programs in the Farm Bill.

Photo collage from the September 12 Farm Bill Rally at the Capitol

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Congress Needs to Buckle Down, Too!

Ron Meyer of Strawberry Hill Farm near Coshocton, Ohio knows all to well about the impact that a loss of funding for organic programs would have on farmers.  The draught has destroyed nearly 30% of his crops this year.  Ron has had to re-adjust his business planning and buckle down for the fall. Thankfully, the cost of his organic certification didn’t add to his troubles; he participated in the Organic Certification Cost Share Program, which helped a lot with the cost of his certification. If this program is not funded in 2013, (as is possible under a “clean” extension of the 2008 Farm Bill), Ron, and over 6,000 other farmers, could lose support for certification.

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The Unclean Truth About an Extension - It'll just keep piling up!

Now that Congress is back in session, everyone’s wondering what's up with the Farm Bill.  Well, things are about to get a little crazy.  Our best educated guess at the end of last week was that the House was going to whip out a short-term Farm Bill extension before they break again for recess.  This would kick the Farm Bill possibly into the next Congress.  Worst of all, it could potentially leave organic programs high and dry like the last extension bill did.  Now, however, we’re hearing rumors that Congress might just let the Farm Bill expire.  Everything remains very much up in the air.


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