Twin Parks Organic Farm

Dean McIlvaine of Twin Parks Organic Farm in Wayne County, Ohio, has operated an 850-acre organic grain farm since 1985. He grows organic corn, soybeans, spelt, oats, wheat, rye, clover, and has recently expanded into a rotating cow and calf grass fed beef operation to add to the farm’s diversity. Dean markets the farm’s products nationally and internationally. Dean’s father, Dale McIlvaine, bought the farm in the mid-70’s and the family farmed conventionally up until 1985. Dean transitioned to an organic operation, following his college dream and his personal beliefs that organic food is healthier and better for the environment.

The farm name—Twin Parks—comes from two Interstate rest area parks located on the farm. Dean is constantly trying new things and exploring new markets. During the OEFFA tour, he showed some plots of organic corn that he grew for the first time, and talked about how he’s using cover crops to help control weeds and keep nutrients in the soil.