Happy Holidays!

We're partnering with these generous companies to bring you great gifts for a great cause.

America's Best has generously offered to donate a percentage of their sales this holiday season to OFRF. America's Best is the only all organic gift basket company in the USA. Their mission is to promote the growth of organic food, agriculture and local economies by serving as the nation’s leading provider of all organic and eco-friendly gift basket collections.

photo of America's Best Holiday Gift Basket

America's Best Organics has gifts for everyone on your list. Purchase here.


Lisa's Organics has generously agreed to donate a percentage of sales to OFRF.  Lisa's commitment to a “greener” world runs deep because not only do they care about their families, they care about yours, too.  It all begins with certified organic vegetables, all grown in rich, protected soils right here in the USA and Canada, then packaged fresh and ready for you to enjoy.  But it doesn’t—it can’t—end there. They're minimizing their carbon footprint through better packaging (#2 recyclable) and lowering fuel consumption by buying from US and Canadian farmers, packing it here in the USA and centrally locating their warehouse so they can get their products to stores without undue time on the roadways.

Get your Lisa's Organics coupon here.


Uncle Matt's has generously offered to donate a percentage of their sales this holiday season to OFRF.  The real-life uncle to ten nieces and nephews, Matt McLean ventured into the organic juice business in 1999 with a passion for healthy living as well as a long family history of growing citrus in Florida. Uncle Matt’s goal was, and still is, to produce the highest quality juice, using only premium 100% organically-grown fruit that is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  “Uncle Matt’s is aligned with the mission of the OFRF,” says Matt McLean, CEO and founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic. “Since we are a family of growers ourselves, we understand the importance and value of organic farming research in helping more farmers transition from non-organic to organic.  We strongly support their mission to help educate organic farmers.”

Send some of Uncle Matt's organic goodness from Florida. Purchase here.


Big Empty Buffalo Leather has generously agreed to donate a percentage of all sales to OFRF. Buffalo leather makes one of the finest, longest-lasting, most luxurious leathers available. Even more than other fine leathers, well-crafted buffalo leather becomes softer and more supple as it’s used and broken in. Big Empty is dedicated to prairie protection and restoration efforts, targeting efforts that will directly benefit bison and other wild species.  In support of our partnership for sustainability, Big Empty has a special deal for all you OFRF friends and family, including free shipping on your purchase.  Don't forget to enter coupon code "organic" when you check out!

Give luxurious buffalo leather gifts they will love. Order here.

EcoTulips has generously agreed to donate a percentage of dahlia sales to OFRF, to be delivered in the spring.  Your holiday gift will be a donation in honor of your gift recipient.  Then, in the spring, they'll be delighted with an off-holiday gift of gorgeous, organic flowers!  EcoTulips is the only certified organic flower bulb company in the USA.  The US imports approximately 800 million chemically grown bulbs from Holland every year. Brightwood, VA-based EcoTulips is bringing positive change to the flower bulb industry by offering a high quality organic alternative to chemically grown bulbs.  Why organic flowers?  They create healthy ecosystems for future generations; they allow bees to pollinate without being in danger; they protect farm workers and gardeners from pesticide exposure; they have longer lasting and brighter blooms!

Brighten your holidays with a springtime gift.  Get floral here.