Cucumber and Melon Research Field Day

OFRF awarded a grant to Common Wealth Seed Growers in 2018 to assess resistance to both Bacterial Wilt and Cucurbit Downy Mildew among selected cucumber and muskmelon seedstocks. Farmers throughout the Eastern U.S. cite these diseases as issues; this project is a direct response to the need for new resistant varities that have the potential to make management easier, decrease losses, and extend the harvest period.

Common Wealth is trialing over 40 varieties of cucumber and melon and also doing breeding trials to develop a pickling cucumber that holds up to both diseases. Growers are invited to see the trials at a field day and learn about the project goals, early results, and basic concepts of on-farm trialing and breeding.

Tuesday, August 28th
3:30 - 6:00 pm
5675 East Old Mountain Road, Louisa, Virginia

For more information, please call 540-223-5861 or email