Current Research and Future Priorities Focus of OFRF Forum and Listening Session

OFRF would like to thank the researchers, farmers, and educators who participated in our sessions at Organicology in Portland last week. We couldn’t have done it without you! All of the presentations were first-rate—from improving the ability of growers to produce organic seed, to the wonders of barley—a plethora of new information and thoughtful discussion was shared at our Organic Agriculture Research Forum on Saturday.

The poster session immediately following the Forum added to the breadth of topics presented throughout the day. We were pleased that so many of the Organicology attendees stopped by to talk with our researchers.


Jim Myers, a Professor of Vegetable Breeding and Genetics at Oregon State University, summed it up best. “I really like the multi-disciplinary approach and format. It allowed me to catch up on a lot of areas.”


The day before the Forum, OFRF co-hosted a workshop and listening session with Ben Bowell of NRCS. The workshop included presentations from Aaron Heinrich of Wilbur-Ellis, Doug Collins from Washington State University, and Tessa Peters of the Organic Seed Alliance. Common themes included the importance of involving farmers in research projects, and the need for small/sustaining grants that allow researchers to take bigger risks. After the presentations, attendees got involved by listing their priorities for future research. Thanks to staff from the Organic Seed Alliance for helping to facilitate the listening session. A small but vocal group provided lots of information, which we’ll be compiling and sharing in the near future.


Presentations from the 2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum were recorded by eOrganic and are availabe here.


Special thanks to Ceres Trust for their scholarship support. We greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone on the Organicology team.