Giving Thanks


As many of us prepare to sit down and enjoy a good meal with family and friends on Thanksgiving, we take a moment to reflect and give thanks. In giving thanks to the hosts, the cooks, and those that do the cleanup this Thanksgiving, also take a moment to give thanks for the planting, raising, nurturing, cultivating, and harvesting of the bounty of agricultural products that grace the Thanksgiving table.

Organic food is grown and produced in ways that protect our natural resources and help to preserve the bountiful biodiversity of our planet. Organic farmers work with the ecosystem, using organic inputs, to produce food without toxic herbicides and pesticides that pollute our soils and water. Organic meat, eggs, and dairy come from animals that have access to the outdoors, and are not pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, or toxic chemicals.  Overall, organic food is healthy for our bodies and our planet.

At OFRF, we are thankful to be an integral part of the organic movement. For more than twenty years, OFRF has been facilitating research for some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in America—organic farmers. Many of the foods that we enjoy on Thanksgiving have been supported by OFRF research funding. OFRF has funded research on insect management tools for organic cranberry production, integrated biological controls for pest in organic Brussels sprout production, and alternative treatments for disease control in pumpkins.

If you are looking for some tasty organic Thanksgiving food, our friends at Lundberg Family Farms, Organic Valley, and Cascadian Farm have cooked up some great recipes for delicious organic foods to share this Thanksgiving.

Wild Rjce Stuffed Acorn Squash

Spiced Maple Pecan Pumpkin Bread

Savory Sweet Potato Crumble

Thanks to everyone who has made a donation to support OFRF's research grant program, education, and advocacy work. And thank you to everyone who supports organic farmers by purchasing certified organic products, shopping at farmers' markets and farm stands, and signing up for local CSA's. We are grateful that consumer demand for organic food is steadily growing, and we are thankful for the opportunity to continue to work to ensure the growth and development of organic agriculture. 

Happy Thanksgiving!