Grant Continues Support for Weed Suppression Research


OFRF has awarded Dr. Gladis Zinati, an Associate Research Scientist at the Rodale Institute, a grant for her project, Field Evaluation of Designed Compost Extracts for Organic Weed Suppression.

This is the second grant awarded to Zinati for her work with designed compost extracts (DCE). Through her laboratory research in 2013-2014,  Zinati determined how certain compost extracts vary in their ability to suppress weeds, and also in the undesirable effect of suppressing crop germination. This new OFRF grant will enable Zinati to test those results in the field.

Zinati and her team are partnering with Aimee and John Good at Quiet Creek Farm CSA in Kutztown, Pennsylvania to evaluate the impact of using compost extracts to reduce weed pressure, soil degradation, and yield losses of field-grown organic cabbage, as well as the germination-inhibitory compounds of DCE.

DCE is the liquid version of compost, rich with plant nutrients and microorganisms. According to Zinati, “The success of this demonstration trial will provide us with a better understanding of when and how many times to use the DCE to achieve overall farmer’s sustainability and profitability.”

Dr. Zinati’s project is one of six research grants awarded by OFRF in 2016. Since its founding in 1990, OFRF has awarded 332 grants to organic researchers and farmers, investing more than $3,000,000. All research results are freely available at

Read more about the project here.