Looking Forward


The election of any new President comes with many challenges and opportunities. For the first time in eight years America is preparing for an Administration change. Starting in 2017, we will now be dealing with single party control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  Looking forward, the political landscape will most certainly change dramatically. 

OFRF has a long history of working successfully under both Republican and Democrat Administrations. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that organic farmers and ranchers are being represented, and that organic research is being supported.

As we look forward, it is more important than ever for the organic community to come together to present clear priorities. Only by working together can we continue to shape the direction of agricultural policy.

Election Results
In the Agricultural committees, only Rep. Brad Ashford (D-NE) was defeated. No members of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittees running for reelection in either the House or Senate lostHowever due to retirements, both the Agriculture and Appropriations Committees have vacancies that will need to be filled.  Currently it is unclear who will be joining these committees.

Transition Watch
At this point there is a great deal of uncertainty about the incoming administration. Currently most of Washington, D.C. is waiting to see what key political appointments will be made. News has been circulating that Michael Torrey, a long time food and agricultural lobbyist well known in agricultural policy circles, has been pegged to lead the food and agriculture transition. 

OFRF will be participating in submitting recommendations and priorities to the transition team.  In doing so, we are committed to ensuring there is continued public support and investment in organic agriculture and organic research. 

Next Steps
We strongly believe that organic agricultural research has bipartisan appeal. Not only does organic agricultural research benefit both organic and conventional agriculture, it is clearly demonstrated that strong public investment in agricultural research has significantly positive economic impacts. Supporting organic agriculture directly helps to strengthen rural development, job creation, and domestic market growth. 

Moving forward, OFRF will continue to be actively engaged in policy and government relations as we seek to address challenges and opportunities that confront organic agriculture. We are actively engaging with the USDA and a wide variety agricultural organizations to discuss the importance of organic research and the priorities of organic farmers and ranchers as outlined in our National Organic Research Agenda

OFRF has been instrumental in fostering and developing organic public policy for over two decades. We have helped integrate organic research investments and policies across USDA programs to increase the success of organic producers and the number or acres being farmed.

OFRF will continue to look for every opportunity to support policies that strengthen organic agriculture. We will continue to promote organic research and education. Moving forward, we remain committed to addressing barriers and overcoming challenges to increasing organic production nationwide, and cultivating more organic farmers and organic production. No matter what, we will continue to support organic as the leading form of agriculture, which leads to healthy people, healthy communities, a healthy economy, and a healthy planet.

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