New Tools to Manage On-Farm Risk Available

Responding to the needs of farmers and ranchers across the country, OFRF in cooperation with USDA-Risk Management Agency, has developed two informative new guidebooks and webinars on how organic and transitioning growers can manage on-farm risk through crop insurance programs and sound soil health management.


Introduction to Crop Insurance for Organic and Transitioning Producers
How crop insurance works for organic and transitioning farmers, including coverage types and record-keeping, as well as what to know when working with crop insurance agents.




Reducing Risk Through Best Soil Health Management Practices in Organic Crop Production
Practical tools and research on best soil health practices to build soil health and resilience to extreme weather conditions, such as drought and flooding.





“With better understanding of the latest soil-health management practices, producers will be able to proactively reduce certain risks and achieve better production performance,” explains Michael Stein, Policy Associate at OFRF. "By utilizing federal crop insurance programs, organic and transitioning farmers can have a safety net in place that provides much needed support in challenging times."
Improving risk management among organic producers is an important step in ensuring domestic supply is able to meet the increasing demand for U.S. grown organic products.

View the webinars:

Hail Happens! Insurance Options for Organic Farmers

Lower Financial Risk by Increasing Soil Health

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