Practical Applications of Soil Health Research


How do farmers increase long-term soil health on their operations? This was the question at the center of the workshop held by OFRF on October 30th at the California Small Farm Conference in Stockton, California. The panel of speakers included Joanna Ory and Mark Lipson of OFRF and Joji Muramoto from UC Santa Cruz. The speakers discussed the characteristics of healthy soil and practices that growers can use to build healthy soils on their operations.

Many farmers strive to cultivate healthy, living soil. The workshop attendees were mostly farmers, with a mix of educators and agricultural professionals. The workshop focused on information from OFRF’s series of educational guidebooks, Soil Health and Organic Farming

The workshop reviewed the most recent research on different practices, such as cover cropping, tillage strategies, and the use of soil amendments, to explore how growers can build healthy soils on their operations.

The workshop concluded with a discussion on the ongoing challenges and possible solutions to building soil health on farms in California. For example, measuring the importance of microbial soil diversity is an area where there is much interest for future research. What are your biggest soil health challenges and innovations? Send an email to and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.