Press Release: Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) taps Faith Grant as National Policy Advocate


OFRF Delivers Another Powerful Voice for Organic Farmers in Washington DC

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Santa Cruz, CA  (April 25, 2012) At one of the most pivotal moments for American agriculture, the revision of the farm bill, OFRF announces the addition of Faith Grant as their National Policy Advocate located in Washington D.C. Faith is responsible for shepherding OFRF’s policy programs that increase public funding for research and education for organic farmers, gain wider adoption of organic agriculture in the U.S., and educate policy makers on the crucial role of organic agriculture in America.

Every day on Capitol Hill, Faith directly represents America's organic family farmers in meetings with policy makers. Over the past decade, the organic food industry has more than quadrupled and continues to gain consumer support. In the next five years, the USDA hopes to increase the number of organic farmers in America by 20%. In support of this growth and expansion, Faith proactively advocates for a larger share in the new five-year Farm Bill currently undergoing final 'mark-up' negotiations in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

"The highlight of my work is serving as a channel between organic farmers and legislators on Capitol Hill. Organic farmers are the best spokespeople we have. Their perspective profoundly resonates with policy makers," said Faith. "When organic farmers talk directly with Members of Congress," she observed, "they bring real world challenges to life. It's very exciting to be at the nexus of supply and demand for organics in America."

"Faith is a tremendous addition to OFRF," said Maureen Wilmot, Executive Director, OFRF. "She came to us with experience as a legislative aide to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and has already expanded her impressive network of relationships. OFRF, and organic farmers, are very proud to have Faith fight for improvements in research, education and awareness of organic agriculture in America."

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