Protect Organic Animals, Farmers & Consumers


Use your voice to protect organic! We know that when you choose to buy organic products, you have clear expectations about what that means. USDA’s indefensible rollback of organic standards is the biggest attack on organic in almost 20 years (when it tried to allow GMOs in the original standard). We protected organic then, and we can protect organic now.

View the letter to United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, published in the Washington Post on January 16th.

View OFRF's letter.

All we are asking is that organic chickens have access to the outdoors, space to move around, sunlight and fresh air, and that animals on farms be protected from unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures like tail docking of cows and unrestricted beak trimming on birds.

Organic farmers, ranchers, and food makers already overwhelmingly support these animal welfare standards, but we need you to help us halt this rollback. With less than 30 days to act, NOW is the time to fight back. It only takes ONE MINUTE to weigh in for organic farmers, animals, and consumers everywhere.
Submit your unique comment here before January 17, 2018.

  1. State clearly that as an organic producer, handler, or consumer you oppose USDA’s action to withdraw the animal care standards final rule.
  2. Say who you are, where you are from, and share some details about your farm, ranch, or business.
  3. The animal care standards rule is the result of 14 years of public and transparent deliberation to advance animal care standards in organic. It reflects deep engagement by organic stakeholders. It is a fully vetted standard developed and supported by the industry, within the process established by Congress.
  4. This attempt to withdraw the animal care standards was done without consultation form the National Organic Standards Board- the very group of farmers, processors, scientists, and public representatives, designated by Congress to advise USDA on organic standards.
  5. Consumer trust and confidence in the USDA Organic seal are the foundation of our industry. If the final animal care standards rule is withdrawn the process by which organic standards are developed and enforced is undermined, consumer trust in the organic seal will suffer.
  6. Organic is a voluntary program that ensures products using the USDA Organic seal meet strict consistently applied standards. The organic sector depends on the USDA to set organic standards fairly and according to the law.

The move to withdraw the final rule goes against all overwhelming evidence to advance animal welfare standards in organic. More than 47,000 comments were received during the last comment period, with 99 percent of those comments in support of the rule becoming effective as written without further delays.

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