Sales Figures Show Demand for Organic Growing


Mike Donnelley, Executive Vice President of Merchandising at Kroger Co., announced sales of their natural and organic line, Simple Truth, now totals more than $11 billion a year. This is the first time Kroger has publicly released the number, which equals about 10 percent of their annual sales of more than $108 billion last year. Donnelley attributes the growth to millennial shoppers. The announcement was made at Kroger’s annual investor conference on October 27th in New York. It would be interesting to see the breakdown between sales of natural versus organic products.

That the demand for organic products is growing is also evidenced by results from the USDA 2014 Organic Production Survey, which shows a dramatic increase in sales from the organic sector over the past five years. The five most valuable organic products identified in order of highest sales were milk, eggs, broiler chickens, lettuce, and apples. The vegetable and fruit sectors have increased in their importance to the organic sector as a whole, making up 42 percent of organic sales in 2014.