Soil Guide Now Available in Spanish


OFRF is pleased to announce a Spanish translation of its educational guide titled, Soil Microbial Interactions and Organic Farming. This resource explores the role of microorganisms, like bacteria, in creating healthy soil ecosystems that benefit organic farms. Microorganisms help create healthy soil, remove soil contaminants through bioremediation, and improve plant health by controlling weeds and plant disease.
In 2015, OFRF surveyed organic farmers to find out about their most pressing challenges and research needs. Research and information on soil health received the highest priority. The guide addresses this need and provides information for organic farmers on how to build healthy soils through incorporating the benefits of a diverse soil microbiome. 
Special thanks to our intern, Lartissa Hernandez, and Alejando Tecum of Adelante Mujeres for the translation.
Download the guide here.
Download the 2016 National Organic Research Agenda here.