Support Organic Farming



Techniques and findings from OFRF-funded research have been widely implemented by organic farmers over the years, with information disseminated online, in sponsored publications, and at farming conferences and field days.

For its 2015 National Organic Research Agenda, OFRF conducted listening sessions across the US and completed a national survey of certified organic producers. OFRF wanted to learn about challenges and research priorities directly from producers. The feedback received identified the obstacles today’s farmers face and the information they need most to be resilient, grow and thrive. NORA will help inform USDA researchers, universities, agricultural extension agents, farmers, ranchers, and others on how research, education, and extension activities can be focused to meet the needs of organic farmers and ranchers to support organic agriculture and increase organic acreage. The report provides a key indicator for how OFRF and other funding entities can continue to refine grant making to most effectively support the success of organic farmers and ranchers.