USDA Agriculture Outlook Forum


A panel discussion exploring the future of organic agriculture drew a packed room at the USDA Agriculture Outlook Forum on February 23rd. “The Outlook for Organic Agriculture,” moderated by OFRF’s Executive Director, Brise Tencer, examined the prospects for organic producers, consumer demand, and new initiatives to encourage organic transition. This is the second year organic has had its own session and OFRF was excited to see such a high level of interest.

Panel participants included Gustavo Ferreira from USDA ERS, Nate Lewis from the Organic Trade Association, and Katrina Heinze from General Mills.

“Organic is one of the fastest and most consistently growing sectors of American agriculture. Organic plays an increasingly important role in the U.S. economy. The market for organic is experiencing double digit growth and the number of organic producers and number of certified bakers continue to grow across the country,” said Tencer.

“Strong investment in research in the underpinning of growth in many sectors and farmers, conventional, organic, or otherwise, need cutting edge research that is relevant to their farming systems to be successful.”