Where’s your Farmer?


You’ve heard about “Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer” campaign. This past week at the MOSES conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I met with several groups working to make sure there are actually farmers to know, especially organic farmers. They took somewhat different approaches, all with the intent to make certain we have farmers in the future.

Some organizations help farmers who are close to retirement transition their farm to the next generation. They provide guidance and advice to ensure that the land is kept in organic production. Sometimes the farm is passed on to the children. Other times the farm is handed over to a non-relative.

I spoke to one farmer who placed an ad in Craigslist and found a young apprentice farmer.  The young farmer, who grew up on a nearby farm, is working side by side with the farm owner. In a few years he will take over full operation of the farm. The farm owner knows his land will continue to be farmed organically and the young farmer is given a great opportunity to pursue his dream.

At OFRF, our mission is “to foster the widespread adoption and improvement of organic farming systems.” Our competitive research grants program is one tool we use to ensure the improvement of organic farming systems. Advocating for public policies that support organic farmers is key to our strategy to build the number of organic farmers in this country; to provide the stable and reliable infrastructure needed to give organic farmers assurance.

Please join us and thousands of others who want to ensure healthy food is delivered to our families.