Soil Health Institute Releases Research Landscape Tool


The Soil Health Institute released its Soil Health Research Landscape tool on January 3rd.  This free online library and search engine includes more than 1,000 scientific research papers, research progress reports, and other publications and references. This will be a resource for agricultural and environmental scientists, industry leaders, agricultural producers, policy makers, journalists, and others interested in soil health.

According to Steven Shafer, SHI’s Chief Scientific Officer, “In addition to the most up-to-date information on soil health and its relationship to soil amendments, cover crops, erosion control, and other agricultural and land management practices, the Soil Health Research Landscape tool will include data, metadata, methods descriptions, standards, and related economic impacts for soil scientists, researchers, and analysts.”

The Soil Health Institute’s mission is to safeguard and enhance the vitality and productivity of soil through scientific research and advancement. It is an evolution of the Soil Renaissance, an initiative established in 2013 by the Noble Foundation and Farm Foundation to advance soil health and serve as a resource for soil health information.

Their primary goal is to support soil research and dissemination of research information. Research may be fundamental or applied, but the goal is to have it adoptable to improve U.S., and international agricultural soils, as applicabale. The research agenda also includes economic analysis of soil health practices snf is open to both conventional and organic production.

In addition to research, SHI will support the development and enhancement of evaluation/measurement tools for standardized soil testing and for a national assessment of the current state of U. S. soils. Outreach will be conducted to provide research results and inform policy decisions.

OFRF’s Research Program Director, Diana Jerkins, and Board Member, Klaas Martens serve on the SHI board.