Top 3 Reasons for ORGANIC Celebration of Election 2012

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#1:  Maintaining the status quo was the best hope we had for getting a Farm Bill passed in 2012.  With consistent key players, (Stabenow, Roberts, Lucas, Peterson), the Farm Bill now has a fighting chance of going to the House floor for a vote in the Lame Duck session. 

#2:  A decisive victory for President Obama bodes well for organic and sustainable ag leadership at USDA.  There’s nothing like a presidential election to up-end thousands of jobs in Washington. We like many of the organic leaders already in office and are happy many of them will be sticking around.

#3:  Organic Champion 'wins' (some in very close races) ensure organic continues to have a voice in Congress and on the Agriculture Committees.  It takes time to build relationships and support for organic policies in the current political climate.  Starting all over with new, unfamiliar, members would have been a definite setback. 

Without a doubt, significant hurdles remain for advancing organic priorities in 2012.  We have a re-energized sense of hope as we expand our 'organic' base and inch closer to the end goal of  making organic the leading form of agriculture in America. 

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