OFRF Hosts Organic Research Listening Session at OARS Symposium

February 18, 2015 - The staff at OFRF is hard at work updating the National Organic Research Agenda for 2015, and will host its fourth listening session of the winter farming conference season Feb. 26, at the Organic Agriculture Research Symposium (OARS) in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Organic farmers, ranchers and researchers are encouraged to contribute information about their needs and challenges, and their thoughts about priority areas of future organic research. OFRF has conducted productive listening sessions this year at the EcoFarm, Organicology and Virginia Biological Farming Association conferences. OFRF will continue to gather input from the organic community with future sessions, and an online survey to be distributed this spring to every certified organic farm in the U.S.

The inaugural OARS symposium is scheduled for Feb. 25 – 26, 2015, serving as a pre-conference to the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) annual conference Feb. 26 – 28, 2015.

The symposium will highlight scientific research on organic farming systems, seeds and breeds suitable for organic production, livestock care, soil health, organic markets and more. Researchers from all over the world will present their work. OFRF is proud to have participated in the planning for OARS, which is co-sponsored by our valued partners at the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Agronomy Department, the USDA Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative, The Organic Center and Ceres Trust.

For more information, visit the OARS and MOSES websites at http://www.cias.wisc.edu/oars/ and http://mosesorganic.org/conference/.

By Maria Gaura, OFRF