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OFRF Research Highlights


Know Who Your Friends Are

Integrating Modern Technology into an Historical Landscape

Of Mildews and Men

Compost Extracts Viable Alternative for Managing Weeds

New Technique Shown to Increase Marketable Yield of Organic Peaches

Researchers Test No-Till Alternatives for Terminating Cover Crops

Ohio State Research Team Working on New Soil Health Tests

Research Looks at the Effect of Diverse Soil Life on Vegetable Production

Research Aims to Give Organic Feed Producers at Helping Hand

​Case Studies

Biological Control Against Fusarium Pathogens

Participatory Plant Breeding to Improve Sweet Corn

Participatory Plant Breeding for Organic Whole Grains





Soil and Water (case study)

An organic tomato farmer in the Sacramento Valley is achieving some pretty amazing results using significantly less water on his fields. Researchers at UC Davis are helping verify and monitor his results so they can be shared with other farmers.



The Bread Lab: Committed to Organic Food

An inspiring story about how organic grain research at Washington State University is breathing new life into a small community.