Communications Contractor

Brian Geier has worked within organic agriculture for over 20 years. While he did not grow up on a farm, his interest was sparked when volunteering with the Landless Peasant Movement in Brazil as a teenager. In college, he studied under Marianne Sarrantonio in the Sustainable Agriculture program at the University of Maine. Following seasonal internships at various crop/livestock farms, he worked under Dr. Michael Bomford on soil-borne disease control in organic vegetable systems at Kentucky State University. He has 8 years experience as a small farm operator and with commercial, organic, value-added processing, and was a co-founder of the Organic Association of Kentucky. In recent years, Brian worked with land-based non-profits with a focus on education programs, including White Oak Farm and Education Center and the Vesper Meadow Education Program. He currently lives on a farm in Indiana near Louisville and is launching a farm-based non-profit focused on land-connected crafts with his partner. When Brian isn’t in the office, you can most likely find him out on the farm or hiking near water, or, just as likely, in the water.