2024 Organic Agriculture Research Forum

In January 2024, the OFRF team traveled to Monterey, CA  for the OFRF Organic Agriculture Research Forum (OARF) which was held in conjunction with the EcoFarm conference. Considering we are a fully remote team spread across the country, and that the last couple years of OARF were held remotely due to the Covid pandemic, this was a big opportunity for us to connect in-person and showcase our work. The OFRF research forum consisted of eight workshops embedded within the 2024 EcoFarm conference. The forum focused on sharing the latest research relevant to organic producers, with a loaded agenda that touched on production issues, soil health, weed management, and of course, organic integrity. The team was immersed in two days of strengthening relationships, fostering new connections, and listening to farmers’ and researchers’ current work and perspectives on the industry. You can read staff highlight from the conference here.

2024 Research Forum Sessions

  • Transitioning to reduced tillage in vegetable production

  • Los Fundamentos de la Salud del Suelo (Fundementals of Soil Health, in Spanish)

  • Biodiversity in the Soil and Its Untapped Potential

  • Plant Available Nitrogen from Organic Fertilizers and Soil Building Practices

  • Cultivating Farmer-Researcher Collaborations in Organic Agriculture

  • Optimizing beneficial habitat for insect control

  • Innovative Technology in Weed Management

  • Organic and Regenerative: Exploring On-Farm Solutions to the Crisis of Climate and  Biodiversity

2022 Organic Agriculture Research Forum

The Organic Agriculture Research Forum was hosted virtually in conjunction with EcoFarm in January 2022. While we hoped for a safe in-person gathering, the COVID-19 Omicron surge prompted us to transition to a fully virtual forum. Despite being virtual, the forum was a huge success and provided an opportunity for researchers and farmers to focus on challenges associated with organic farming. Throughout the course of four days, researchers and farmers presented on topics exploring the importance of soil health and managing critical pests, such as spotted wing drosophila. We also had farmer-to farmer panels in English and Spanish.

2020 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium Reports

2020 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium report cover

The Organic Agriculture Research Forum, organized by Tuskegee University and the Organic Farming Research Foundation research forum featured oral presentations, facilitated round table discussions, and a robust joint poster session with SSAWG. It took place in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 23, 2020. The presentations were recorded.


  • Presentations and proceedings from the forum are available to view here.

2019 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium Reports

Photo of 2017 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium report cover

Proceedings from the 2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum are now available. This day-long event held on February 16th in Portland Oregon, featured innovative presentations from researchers across all disciplines related to organic farming and food systems.

Presentations from the 2019 Organic Agriculture Research Forum were recorded by eOrganic and are also available.

Special thanks to Ceres Trust for their scholarship support.

2017 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium Reports

2016 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium Reports

Photo of 2017 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium report cover