OFRF is Seeking a Senior Policy Associate

OFRF is seeking a Senior Policy Associate to coordinate legislative and regulatory campaigns that support the needs of organic farmers. This high-profile position offers great opportunity for the right candidate to interact with federal agencies' staff and political officials, and to help shape the future of food and agriculture throughout the U.S.

A New Way to Protect Fruit from Pests and Disease

Growing organic peaches is extremely difficult in the Southeast due to high pest and disease pressures and the lack of effective, organically approved pesticides. As a result, very few growers have taken the risk and transitioned into organic peach farming.

Using Bacteria for Crop Fertilization

A major challenge for organic farmers lies in determining the right amount of nitrogen (N) to add to crops and the best time to do it. Farmers using organic nitrogen fertilizers such as manure and compost face serious limitations because these fertilizers, which often come from off the farm, are low in N content, often hauled long distances, and can contribute to soil salinization.