OFRF Releases a Suite of Messaging Resources for Organic Advocates to Amplify the Power of Organic Farming for Climate Solutions and Healthy Communities

(March 11, 2024) The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) is proud to announce the launch of an innovative messaging toolkit, “Organic is Regenerative,” designed to address the growing interest in sustainable food choices and climate-friendly agriculture. As consumers increasingly seek to understand the environmental impact of their food, and farmers strive to combat climate change, there’s a unique opportunity to promote transformative practices. This toolkit emphasizes science- and standards-backed messaging about the benefits of organic agriculture as a regenerative farming practice.

“Organic growers are leaders when it comes to climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation,” said Brise Tencer, OFRF Executive Director. “We are excited to share this resource that summarizes the latest scientific insights on how organic fosters healthy soil, and contributes to clean water, biodiversity, and thriving farm communities.”

While the term ‘regenerative’ gains traction, the role of organic farming in this conversation is often overlooked. Organic agriculture embodies principles of collaboration with nature. It fosters healthy soil, clean water, biodiversity, and thriving farm communities. Organic is the original climate-smart agriculture. This toolkit aims to clarify misconceptions about organic practices and highlight their role in regenerative land stewardship. It includes versatile resources such as print/digital fliers, a presentation slide deck, social media graphics, and a comprehensive message mapping spreadsheet providing evidence-backed statements for various audiences.

“This toolkit includes a strong suite of science-backed resources highlighting the many ways in which organic is regenerative. It not only showcases clear messaging, it also includes the supporting evidence,” said Thelma Velez, OFRF Research and Education Director. “Our goal is to provide organic champions and farmers with the tools they need to communicate how organic practices support healthy soils, strong communities, and a more livable planet.”

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