OFRF’s Top Ten Reasons to Go Organic

There’s more than ten reasons of course, but here’s ten that we think are really important.

Why organic?


Organic farmers have amazing stories to tell. OFRF has been interviewing farmers to get a birds’ eye view of life on the farm. Read the collection of stories we’ve gathered with some of our favorite farmers. You’ll develop even more admiration for these folks.

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about organic farming. Find your answers here. You can also find and download reports and information from our extensive library archive.

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For close to three decades, OFRF has been at the forefront of the organic movement, awarding over $3M in research grants across the United States. As a result of OFRF’s research, education, and outreach efforts, thousands of farmers have received pertinent research and training information. All research results are shared freely.

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OFRF translates research into practical resources and educational platforms that help organic farmers and ranchers implement best practices and advancements in organic agriculture. From guidebooks to webinars and more, all of our resources are available to access for free.

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Check here for the latest news about our research grant program, educational resources, and advocacy on behalf of organic farmers and ranchers nationwide.

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OFRF doesn’t charge membership dues or collect association fees. We fundraise for every dollar, and we make sure those dollars go directly to on-farm research, educational programs, and advocacy on behalf of organic farmers and researchers. There are lots of ways to help.

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