Sustainable organic management practices that build soil health such as cover cropping, minimizing soil disturbance, and increasing biodiversity, help farmers and ranchers become more resilient to changing weather conditions. OFRF is proud to share the work we have done to put forth science-based solutions that inform decision-making, reduce risk, and increase yields. From the seed grants we provide to support innovative research across the country, to the breadth of educational materials we distribute for free, to our advocacy work on Capitol Hill—everything we do is aimed at supporting the success of organic producers and others looking to farm more sustainably.

And, we couldn’t do it without you!

To all of our supporters, partners, and the greater organic community, thank you for collaborating with us to continue this important work. Organic systems are the answer, we believe, to building resiliency, restoring the health of our soils and waterways, and improving human health.