Dear friend,

My grandmother was a farmer in rural Georgia long before I was born. She started as a sharecropper and was given the opportunity to buy her own farmland. She became a very successful farmer, and this is where our organic farm is located today, on that same beautiful land. We grow many of the same crops my grandmother grew, such as unique varieties of delicious colorful vegetables, fruit, and herbs. Today we are the only certified organic farm in our county and within surrounding counties.

When my grandmother was farming, she used organic farming practices before organic certification even existed. For us, organic farming and agroecology not only builds healthy soil and healthy environments, but also supports access to healthy foods in our communities. I believe organic farming systems can, and should, be enjoyed by all farmers and consumers – in all communities.

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OFRF has funded on-farm research for over 30 years and in 2022 prioritized applications led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). This investment is not only a win for grant recipients but the entire organic movement. In 2022, I received a research grant from OFRF for my project titled “Organic For All.” My participatory research project focuses on capacity-building and outreach, and will identify needs, hindrances, and barriers for BIPOC farmers.

The Organic For All project is designed to help farmers walk through the development of their own organic farming systems or organic agroecology farm practices and help develop solutions and resources through workshops that provide education, technical assistance, and access to organic agriculture.

The Organic For All project, and on-farm research in general, enables relationship-building with farmers, communities, and researchers, and importantly provides a pathway for relevant education, technical assistance, and hands-on training in organic agriculture.

With OFRF’s support, my goal is to bring more farmers into organic farming systems, and show that we all can learn from traditional agroecology knowledge and break down barriers so that BIPOC people can better access the benefits of organic.

Thank you,
Jennifer Taylor
Owner and Farmer of Lola’s Organic Farm
Glenwood, Georgia

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